Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Everyone gets lunch


The Green Matrix is a book about growing food - at home or on the farm - using naturally occurring systems. “Everyone gets lunch” is one of the few rules. Feed the natural system and it will feed you.
Feed everything - the soil, the rocks, the bacteria, the nematodes, worms, bees, birds, weeds etc. etc. You will be rewarded with plants that fully express their genetic potential - to give you great food taste and who knows what else.

Inspiration for the book comes from people like Bob Cannard, who generates the best natural systems around. In partnership with Fred Cline, he grows “Greenstring” produce. Check out the website. It’s kind of out there, but the produce is out of this world.

Go to where Adobe meets Stage Gulch. Get some Greenstring produce. Eat it, get inspired, build your business. When you need graphic design, I get lunch.

Tom Whitworth, Whitworth & I Creative Services.