Thursday, March 5, 2009

Legacy Park animals

I've been fortunate to work with exhibit designer Leslie Stone of Sausalito, who in turn is working with landscape architects, on the Malibu Legacy Park Project. It's a joint project of the City of Malibu, residents, non-profit groups, generous donors and the local water agency.

The park will feature Leslie's interpretive nodes and a number of large scale sculptures that I've gotten to visualize in drawings like the one above. The idea is to create anatomically correct but large scale animals appropriate to the five coastal habitats featured in the park. Artists will add mosaic treatments using colors and materials representative of Malibu's particular art and craft heritage - for a stunning added dimension.

I developed one of the designs - the one of the jackrabbit - into a small test piece and then had some fun imagining what it would look like, say in Green Park?

It looks good but would be tough to engineer safely. The coyote is posed to avoid "voids", which makes the job of armature building simpler and the final sculpture more appropriate to a public environment.

The project is a wonderful example of cooperative teamwork that will result in a singular impact.